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A large selection of unique jewelry

•  Handmade jewelry

•  Rings

•  Necklaces

•  Bracelets

•  Earrings

With a range of materials and styles from metal to wood, beads, and more, there's something for everyone.

A tradition of fine American crafts

Since 1987, Matrix Gallery has been bringing colorful, fun, exquisite work by today's American craftspeople to Blacksburg.


Stop by today to see what our artists are up to.

Bring art to the everyday with handmade jewelry

When you want a truly unique piece of jewelry for yourself or a gift, visit Matrix Gallery Fine Crafts. There's something for everyone here. You'll see so much beauty and variety in our jewelry section that it may be hard to choose.

Call or visit Matrix Gallery Fine Crafts today to see our range of locally made jewelry.

One of a kind

Looking for original jewelry? All of the pieces at Matrix Gallery Fine Crafts are handmade.

Original earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and more

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Michal Golan

Michal Golan



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