Matrix Gallery Fine Crafts

Fine American Crafts


A range of original woodwork

•  Jewelry and treasure boxes

•  Hand-turned bowls

•  Cutting boards

•  Toys, clocks, and more

Woodwork is a Blacksburg area tradition. Visit today to see what local artists are making.

Beautiful Artistry

Each piece you find at Matrix Gallery is carefully crafted and selected for you, our customer.


See for yourself what our talented artists have created.

Incredible woodwork for your home

Add beauty and functionality to your home

With a large range of woodwork, from locally made, hand-turned bowls to stunning jewelry boxes, cutting boards, and more. Visit today!

Visit our store or call today to find out about our huge variety of original woodwork.

Fun and functional

Whether you want to add whimsy or practicality to your home, Matrix Gallery Fine Crafts has it.

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Mikutowski Woodworking

Heartwood Creations

Plywood Sculpture

Mystic Woodwork

Nuland Toys